All Is One

A Poem

Darkness is light

Lightness is dark

The blackest of ash

Begins with a spark

Pain is joy

Joy is pain

Every great flood

Was once a drop of rain

There is no wrong without right

No big without small

No whisper without a scream

No rise without a fall

Never has there ever been one thing without the other

Since they cannot exist alone they are the same

There is no sorrow without happiness

No forgiveness without blame

There are no tears without laughter

No finish without a start

All exist together

And all are far apart

Nothing is everything

Everything is nil

No calm without the storm

No warmth without a chill

Every journey has a beginning

Each beginning has an end

The end flows into eternity

And births the beginning once again

There is no fear without faith

No boredom without fun

One is all

All is one

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