5 Awesome Quotes by Unknown Authors

And why I like them so much

Let’s face it, we live in some crazy times and we can all use as much inspiration as we can get. Some of the little motivational sayings we come across on the internet can seem cliché and downright cheesy. But sometimes all it takes is just one of these tiny collections of simple words to help motivate us and put us back on the right track. I have always loved to read and I am a huge fan of inspirational quotes.

Of course, I thoroughly enjoy the deep and insightful musings of some of the great poets, philosophers, and thinkers throughout history. But I also find valuable lessons in many of the short concise statements written by unknown authors that can be found all over the web. I have way too many favorites to list here, so I’ve narrowed the list down to five quotes I think can help people shift their perspective in a positive direction.

Here are five of my favorite quotes by unknown authors and why I like them:

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1. Never judge people by their past. People learn. People change. People move on.

— Unknown Author

This quote really hits home for me because I have been judged by my past many times and I have been guilty of judging others. The truth is, we have all done things in our lives that we may not be proud of. This quote reminds me that people have the ability to grow and learn from their mistakes. I am definitely not the same person I was in my past.

I’m not even the same person I was yesterday. It would be a huge mistake for me to judge other people for who I think they are according to their past. People do learn, people do change and people do grow. Never forget that.

Originally published on Bobby J Mattingly

2. Don’t ever save anything for a special occasion. Being alive is the special occasion.

— Unknown Author

How many times have you put something off so you can celebrate it later as a special occasion? How many of those times did other things come up, forcing you to cancel your plans and end up completely forgetting them? This quote emphasizes the reality that being alive truly is a special occasion.

Every day that we have on this earth is a blessing and we should always remember to treat it as such. Don’t wait to live your life. Remember that tomorrow is not guaranteed. Life is short, so celebrate every day as if it’s the only day you’ll ever have!

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3. When you see something beautiful in someone, tell them. It may take a second to say, but for them it could last a lifetime.

— Unknown Author

Doesn’t it feel good when someone tells you something nice about yourself? It could be someone that you share a deep connection with or even a stranger. Receiving a compliment from another person really has a way of lifting a person’s spirits.

I am reminded by this quote that the world is full of billions of beautiful people; many of which don’t even realize how beautiful they really are. Do your best to remind as many people as possible of their true beauty.

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4. Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that certain things will never go back to how they used to be.

— Unknown Author

At least one thing is certain in life: things change. Sometimes we have this idea of what life is supposed to look like and then abruptly we realize that nothing has turned out like we thought it would. People leave our lives and new people enter them. Entire careers are lost and rebuilt from scratch. Houses fall down and new ones are put in their place.

This quote points out that no matter how much I might want things to stay the same, some things never will and I must accept that. Change is a constant that I can never forget. But it can be a very beautiful thing when we come to accept that even though things change, life goes on. Remember that every ending marks a brand new beginning.

Originally published on Bobby J Mattingly

5. If something feels off, it usually is. Trust your intuition.

— Unknown Author

Have you ever had a weird feeling in your gut that told you something about a person, place or situation just wasn’t right? Well, that’s your intuition and it always knows what it is talking about. So when it starts talking to you, listen. I love this quote because sometimes I forget that we have most of the answers we need in life inside of us.

The trick is to silence our thoughts and listen to our inner voice. I’m not talking about the one that tells us to call off work to go out partying or to lie to our loved ones about something silly. Our intuition is that still quiet voice that we can hear clearly only when we truly listen. Trust your intuition.

Thank you for joining me in reviewing some of my favorite inspirational quotes by unknown authors. I hope that you have found at least one here that helps you as much as they have all helped me.

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