Keeping it Real in a Fake World

Embracing your authentic self while existing in a manufactured society

Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.  — Brené Brown

In today’s society, it can be quite difficult to be or even know how to be, who you really are as an individual. You are presented with so many preconceived ideas and notions of who you are at such a young age, that it is easy to be confused about your authentic self.

Most of us are taught as children to live inside of a lie and we spend so much time and energy living in that lie that it begins to look like the truth. Your authentic self is revealed when all of the lies are dispelled and only your truth remains.

You come into this world fully equipped to grow into everything that you need to be to survive and thrive. But soon after you get here and grow towards maturity; external influences work together to convince you that you are not enough. Society tells you that you will be happy and fulfilled only if you buy a certain product, dress a certain way or make a certain amount of money. The list of lies goes on ad nauseam.

You get molded, branded, and compartmentalized inside of the school system where you are indoctrinated with someone else’s version of your reality. You are told that you are either popular or unpopular; desirable or undesirable and are then persuaded to join the crowd that most suits you, even though you have no clear idea of who you truly are at this point.

It is better to see an ugly truth than to be blinded by a lovely lie. The ugly truth is, there will be no truth in your world until you learn to get honest with yourself. Facing the truth of who you are can be quite a painful experience.

Shedding away the false beliefs that you have acquired over the years can create a resistance within you called cognitive dissonance. The pain you might feel from facing your authentic reality will dissipate when you finally choose to start accepting the truth. The truth only hurts when you continue to resist it.

When I take away who I’m not, all that’s left is who I am. — Holly Kellums

If you take away everything you think you need to be, you will discover who you truly are. Once you realize that your personality consists mostly of conditioned beliefs that do not reflect your true nature you can step into your authentic self. In reality, your personality is just a set of made-up ideals and expressions of who you are.

So essentially you have the capacity to create your own reality. But when you allow society to mandate who you are and what you should be then the truest expression of your authentic self is perverted and your so-called personality becomes a reflection of your false self. Basically, you become a product of someone else’s created version of reality.

Never apologize for being your true, authentic self. The clouds never say sorry to the sky for making it rain. Why should you feel guilty for being exactly what you were created to be? You were created to create and you get to be anything that you want to be. Your reality can be whatever you desire it to be when you are willing to work towards creating it.

If you don’t like the reality you were given then start creating a new one. No one but you gets to tell you, who you are. If you want to be free, then stop allowing the lies of the world to keep your mind closed and open your mind to the possibility that anything is possible.

A closed mind will keep you stagnant and shackled to your beliefs. When you are tied to your beliefs then you are left fighting for the freedom that you think can be obtained externally, but actually only exists within you. Freedom comes when you stop fighting for it and just let it be.

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