You Are Not Alone

Never be afraid to reach out when you are in pain

Pain is a necessary precursor to progress. All pain carries a message. Whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual pain, it all has a message to deliver. The stronger the pain, the more urgent the message. In order to clearly receive and process these messages, we must first learn how to focus the mind. 

When our minds are free of confusion and distraction we can gain a more coherent perception of the pain and where it derives from. It is nearly impossible to effectively process pain if we are not aware of its origin.

Your mind can be a valuable asset or a crippling liability; it all depends on what you choose to focus on. Pain can be a great motivator or it can destroy us if we don’t learn how to focus through it. Don’t allow your pain to hinder you, let it push you through your self-imposed limits. 

Sometimes, our perception is blurred and the truth is not so easy for us to see on our own. Sometimes, an outside perspective is all we need to gain clarity. Sometimes, we just need to have trust in the people we know love and care for us.

Never allow yourself to become an island to your pain and suffering. Stop drowning in the harsh waters of your own misery. Stop suffering in silence. Stop thinking that no one will ever believe or understand you. 

Stop living in fear and reach out, you are not alone. Everyone that you know is, was, or will be experiencing some sort of traumatic situation in their life. Each one of us has our own individual struggles and we all know what pain feels like.

Although there may be different levels to our suffering, the fact remains that we all suffer. Understanding this can give us a clearer window into the hearts and minds of others, as well as a heightened awareness of our own hearts and minds. What a marvelous moment it is to realize that we all carry a common bond inside of this vast mystery called life. 

What a great relief it is to know that no matter what we’re going through or how painful it may be, we never have to do it alone.

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