When Having a Big Heart Makes You Feel Small

Inspiration for sensitive people in an insensitive world

Are you a highly sensitive individual? Does it sometimes seem like you are surrounded by people who could care less about other people and their feelings? Do you feel alone and misunderstood most of the time? Do you feel like there’s something wrong with you because you’re not like everyone else?

When you have a sensitive and caring heart it can feel like the odds are stacked against you in the world and you are all alone. It can become very easy to see only darkness and pain when you look around at how horribly many people treat their fellow human beings in the world.

These same people who seem to thrive off of the pain and misery of others also seem to obtain joy out of making people like you feel small and worthless. I am here to tell you that you are a beautiful and extraordinary person and so are they, but they just don’t realize it yet.

Some people will never be happy with who you are, so stop trying to change for them and just be yourself. The right people will eventually come along and love you for who you are. Don’t you ever forget that your life is filled with meaning and purpose. Your big heart is a blessing though it may sometimes feel like a curse. Never underestimate the power of caring for other people.

Even when it seems that most are ungrateful you have the opportunity to be a light in an otherwise dark world. You can never go wrong in doing the right thing for the right reason.

Believe me, people see you. You are making a difference even if it doesn’t seem like it, I promise. Use all of the pain you might be feeling to help temper your soul and strengthen your message. Don’t be afraid to follow your heart and rise above the temptation to give up. You can never give up or give in.

I don’t care what your past looks like. If you have learned from your mistakes and devoted your life to being your best self, while helping others to do the same; congratulations, you are an awesome human being!

I felt compelled to write this short message to those who might stumble across it at the exact moment they may need a little dose of encouragement and motivation. I want you, yes you who are reading this right now, to know that you are wanted, you are loved, you are important and YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

It may be hard to accept right now, but I promise you that everything in your life is going to work out for the best. There are bountiful blessings and amazing miracles right on the horizon for you. Just believe.

We become who we believe ourselves to be. Stop telling yourself that you are not good enough. Don’t be your own abuser. You have the capacity and the power within you to be anything you wish to be so start believing it.

I sincerely hope that you always keep a bright smile, a kind word, and a big heart. May your smile shine through the shadows of darkness, your words mend the souls of the broken and your heart ease the worries of the lost.

Keep following that big beautiful heart of yours!

Featured image by Kyle Loftus on Unsplash

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