Finding Meaning in the Madness

Life is not always predictable, but it is always meaningful

It can be extremely difficult to find the meaning inside of harsh circumstances, but the meaning can invariably be discovered when we are willing to search within. Nothing bad has ever happened without something good forming in its wake. Even the most horrifying events throughout history have had positive events spring from them. This is the dualistic nature of the world we live in.

There is a certain ebb and flow to life that can be very difficult to discern sometimes. We find ourselves wondering what the overall purpose is. Why exactly do we need so much chaos in the world? It’s pretty simple really: Contrast. Without the chaos, we wouldn’t have order. Contrast is necessary for everything to exist as it is.

Although this is a relatively well-known truth, it can be very tough to consider when we are caught in the midst of some terrible tragedy or disaster. But rest assured that when the dust settles and the smoke fades away, clarity will come. And with this clarity, we will find that everything serves a purpose in the eternal cycle of life.

Every storm eventually fades into clear skies and every dark night slowly morphs into daylight. Just as the diamond is birthed out of extreme pressure and heat, we too are transformed into a more pure and refined version of ourselves through our pain and hardships. Life will always bring us bad times along with the good. Our great challenge is to make peace with both; for there in the middle is where the meaning of life hides in plain sight.

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