Healing Through the Hurt

Revealing your inner light by facing and embracing your inner darkness

Everyone hurts. Everyone has been hurt by someone and everyone has hurt someone. It takes a great deal of strength and integrity to admit when you are wrong.

Feeding the urge to hurt others because you have been hurt only weakens your resolve to heal and creates more pain and suffering. If you learn to forgive yourself and others, you gain the strength of empathy and power of compassion. When you intentionally inflict pain on others because your heart is broken, you only cause more heartbreak.

If you have to hurt other people in order to feel powerful, you are an extremely weak individual. But inside the realization of this weakness lies the key to true power. Once you acknowledge that you have been wrong and make a legitimate effort to make things right, you begin to shed the false skin of ego and step into your authentic self. That is where your real strength and power lies.

“What are we afraid of? We are afraid of ourselves even though we’re the only solution to our problem. We are afraid of accepting that when our world doesn’t meet our incessant demands, it’s our fault. We’re afraid to admit that we’re internally and spiritually lazy. The ease of acting as if our internal chaos is everyone else’s fault traps us in our self made prisons.” — Holly Kellums

Blaming people, places and circumstances for your problems only stunts your personal growth and holds you captive to those people, places and circumstances. To stop this endless roller coaster of madness you must confront the horrors of your past that constantly resonate and echo in your mind. Take responsibility for your transgressions, forgive those who transgressed against you and then let it all go.

The past is in the past, it has no real place in the now. When you begin to view the past as mere memories of a time that will never return, you will slowly learn to let go of that which is not really there. Once you realize that everything you are holding on to no longer exists, it becomes possible to free yourself from the burden of the past and create a bright future.

As long as you continue to run from your past, from all of the pain and mistakes, you will never heal. When you face and embrace the darkness within you, your inner light shines brighter. This light has always been there but has been clouded by the darkness of fear, blame, and regret. Admitting to yourself that you have been blinded and weak allows you to face the darkness within, make peace with your inner demons and let your inner light shine with renewed purpose and vision.

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